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Day Tripping at Santa Cruz Island

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 11/08/2021 09:59:08

California | Channel Islands National Park | Santa Cruz Island | Scorpion Cove | Island Packers | Hiking | Camping | Kayaking | Island Fox

Day Tripping at Santa Cruz Island


Channel Islands National Park is comprised of five islands off of the coast of southern California. Scorpion Cove at Santa Cruz Island can be reached by an hour long boat ride leaving from Ventura and operated by Island Packers. Whether you want to visit for a day or camp for a night or more, Santa Cruz is a great destination for outdoor adventure lovers. It is important to plan ahead, however, as there are virtually no services on the island.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Would you spend a day on a small island with virtually no services?

After riding a ferry from Ventura, California to Scorpion Cove at Santa Cruz Island, we were on our own for about six hours. No food or drinks are sold on the island, there is no souvenir shop and no public telephone. In addition to kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and camping, there are hiking trails, pit toilets, picnic tables, water and storage boxes to keep food safe and away from the island wildlife.

We loved our day of hiking out to Cavern Point and Potato Harbor. The views were great and we had fun watching the island fox as they scurried about.

What would you want to do if you had six hours to spend on Santa Cruz Island?

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