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Remnants of a Kansas Indian Village

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 06/19/2022 10:33:11

Kansas | Lawrence | Indian Village | Teepee | Teepees | Roadside Attraction | History | Flood Line | Americana

Remnants of a Kansas Indian Village


This 50 foot tall teepee has been standing along the US-40 roadside since before 1930. Originally the main attraction in an Indian Village, it was surrounded by a gas station, restaurant and more than 10 smaller teepees which were rented out like cabins. Get up close to the concrete teepee and see the flood lines from both 1935 and 1951.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Where was the most interesting or unique place that you stayed overnight?

Our drive between Parkville, MO and Topeka, KS took us past a huge teepee on the side of the road. We had to stop to get a closer look on our return and we learned that the concrete teepee was originally part of a village that had a gas station, restaurant and a number of smaller teepees available for overnight lodging.

Have you ever slept in a teepee?

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