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A Palace Fit for a Corny King!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 09/24/2020 08:45:16

South Dakota | Mitchell | Corn Palace | Basketball | Murals | Performances | Corn Palace Festival

A Palace Fit for a Corny King!


The city of Mitchell, South Dakota is best known for The World's Only Corn Palace. Believe it or not, today's palace is the third of it's kind - the first two were outgrown due to rises in popularity! The first palace was built in 1892 and today's structure was completed in 1921 - almost 100 years old.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you ever heard of Mitchell, South Dakota?

The city of Mitchell is best known for The World's Only Corn Palace. The Corn Palace plays host to basketball games and has also been the home of dances, graduations, proms, exhibits, performances and more. A community tradition known as the Corn Palace Festival is now nearing 130 consecutive years - yes, it was even celebrated in 2020!

Fun facts about the palace: (1) A theme is chosen each year for the corn murals which adorn the outside of the building. (2) Before removing the prior year's murals, new designs are created. (3) The old murals are typically removed shortly after the annual Corn Palace Festival. (4) It usually takes about two months to halve each ear of corn lengthwise and then nail themM all into place. (5) Today, 12 natural colors of corn plus rye and other grasses are used to complete the murals. (6) Changing the murals comes at a cost of about $130,000 each year.

Would you want to visit The World's Only Corn Palace?

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