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Beautiful Walking Path in Cusco, Peru is More Than 500 Years Old

avatar   Scott

Posted On 02/04/2020 09:55:41

Cusco | Cuzco | Peru | Artwork | Incas | Plaza De Armas | Machu Picchu | Symbolism | Gods

Beautiful Walking Path in Cusco, Peru is More Than 500 Years Old


Adjacent to a wall that was part of the original Inca Palace near the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru, there is a walkway with a beautiful stone inlay. The pattern shows the tri-level symbolism of the ancient Incas that represents the underworld of demons, middle world of humans and upper world of the gods.

     The Wordy Explorers

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On our trip to see Machu Picchu, we spent some time in Cusco adjusting to the altitude. The main square is located in the center of the Jaguar-shaped city built by the Incas before the Spanish arrived. The Spanish renamed it Plaza de Armas. We were amazed at the remaining Incan architecture. There are many palace walls and walking paths with remarkable masonry from more than 500 years ago. #WordyExplorers #architecture #incas #plazadearmas #cuscoperu #machupicchu

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