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Kansas City Fountain Pays Tribute to Local Firefighters

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 09/14/2020 08:50:43

Missouri | Kansas City | Penn Valley Park | Firefighters Fountain | Memorial | Sculptures

Kansas City Fountain Pays Tribute to Local Firefighters


Known as the city of fountains, Kansas City has at least 200 fountains around the city. Of all of the times that we have visited, this was the first time that we explored Penn Valley Park. A fountain paying tribute to the city's firefighters can be found in the park's southern end. The waters of the fountain stream toward two bronzed firefighters situated on a pedestal in the fountain's center. Bronze plaques pay tribute to firefighters lost in the line of duty on a stone wall behind another nearby sculpture of a firefighter.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you have a favorite fountain?

As we looked through our photos, we decided this one was a perfect post to start the week. The Firefighters Fountain and Memorial pays tribute to those who serve Kansas City, have previously served the city and also to those who lost their lives while serving. We send a special thank you out to the city's firefighters for all that they do to serve the community and protect our family and friends.

As we start the week that follows September 11th, we don't want all of the THANK YOUs to subside. In an effort to continue showing appreciation, we are taking the opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to all firefighters across the nation. We truly appreciate all that you do in your own communities and often in other communities during times of need. You are truly appreciated.

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