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Cruising to the Fjord City of Geiranger Norway

avatar   Scott

Posted On 12/26/2020 09:09:37

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Cruising to the Fjord City of Geiranger Norway


Geiranger is one of the port towns popular on many cruises around the Norwegian coastline. Also often referred to as Geirangerfjord, it is a beautiful town where the Vikings likely lived. The scenery along the fjord (a long, narrow, deep inlet of sea that lies between high cliffs) is beautiful, and one of the reasons why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountains, water, waterfalls and even the buildings along the coastline are all picturesque!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you heard of the Renault Twizy?

One of our ports of call on our 2016 cruise around the Norwegian coastline was Geiranger. As we often do, we explored the port area of the town on our own. Everything we saw on our drive and on foot was so picturesque - even the buildings along the coast.

We reserved a Twizy for several of our port hours, and we had a blast. It was one of our favorite activities! A Twizy is an all-electric 2-person front and back seating vehicle. During our drive, we explored the roads in the hillside that overlook the fjord with its many waterfalls as well as the famous road bridge called 'The Knot'. Because it looped down a hill and crossed back over itself, we had to coordinate our passage of this narrow one-lane bridge!

Would you want to drive a Twizy?

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Notable Quote

Cruising has two pleasures. One is to go out in wider waters from a sheltered place. The other is to go into a sheltered place from wider waters. - Howard Bloomfield

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