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Amazing and Miraculous Hanging Staircase in Santa Fe

avatar   Scott

Posted On 06/03/2020 09:31:38

Santa Fe | New Mexico | Loretto Chapel | Hanging Staircase | Miraculous Churches | Sightseeing in Santa Fe

Amazing and Miraculous Hanging Staircase in Santa Fe


The Loretto Chapel in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to the famous miraculous hanging staircase. The staircase appears to stand freely without falling over. Unfortunately, we were unable to climb it due to safety concerns, but just looking at it is truly amazing. It was built by an unknown carpenter in about 1873 and is said to be a true miracle and a blessing to the church.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you believe in miracles?

This staircase, located in the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is said to be a miracle. The staircase has been standing for over 140 years, yet it has no means of structural support. It is also interesting to know that the structure is held together by wooden pegs. There's so much more to see in Santa Fe during a visit - we didn't have nearly enough time. The Old Town is filled with historic sites from the frontier of both US and Mexico.

Is the Loretto Chapel a site that you would visit if you were going to be in Santa Fe? . . . . #WordyExplorers #NewMexico #FrontierTowns #LorettoChapel #HangingStaircase

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