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Reliving the 50s Firsthand in Havana

avatar   Scott

Posted On 07/25/2020 09:13:34

Havana | Cuba | Beaches | Havana Bay | Port of Havana | Fortress | Cristo de la Habana | Fusterlandia | Hotel Nacional

Reliving the 50s Firsthand in Havana


Our two days in Havana provided us with an interesting trip back in time. The cars, architecture and historical sites were all amazing and won't be forgotten. Our private photo tour with I Love Cuba Photo Tours was perfect in every way - including the vintage cars that we traveled in! (Photo courtesy of Yosel Vazquez)

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you visited a country where you had the opportunity to step back in time?

We spent two days in Havana on a cruise, and definitely felt that we were reliving the past. And - it was AWESOME! All of the people that we met were wonderful, we had amazing food & drinks and loved seeing and hearing the sights and sounds. Our guide, Yosel Vazquez of I Love Cuba Photo Tours planned a perfect itinerary customized for our small group of 4. We traveled around in style - and even got to pick out the colors of our rides!

Where have you traveled that gave you a chance to step back in time?

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Remember. It was a professional who built the Titanic, It was an amateur who built Noah's Ark. - Vanessa Linsley

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