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AquaTheater Acrobatics Amaze Audience in HiRO

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/01/2022 10:08:30

Florida | Miami | Port of Miami | Royal Caribbean | Symphony of the Seas | Entertainment | AquaTheater | HiRO | Acrobatics | Aqua Show

AquaTheater Acrobatics Amaze Audience in HiRO


The larger budget for entertainment on the newer and bigger cruise ships allows for some amazing performances. The show HiRO is performed in the Royal Caribbean AquaTheater on the Symphony of the Seas. Divers, acrobat tumblers, swimmers and highliners truly amaze the audience. It's hard to believe that acrobatics, high dives and balancing acts can be flawlessly performed - all while a cruise ship is in motion!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What type of entertainment do you look for while on a cruise ship?

We have always enjoyed the variety of performances that we can attend in the evenings. So far, we have seen two shows: "Flight...Dare to Dream" and"HiRO". I am most looking forward to the upcoming musical production of "Hairspray! The Broadway Musical".

HiRO was performed in the AquaTheater and featured extreme-sport athletes. In one moment, acrobats were being performed on the stage, and seconds later a high diver was diving into the stage-turned- swimming pool! The performance is described as "exciting, jaw-dropping and unpredictable" and it truly was.

Do you have a favorite type of cruise ship entertainment?

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