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Via Dolorosa Station 14: The Tomb of Jesus Christ

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 12/31/2022 10:56:00

Israel | Middle East | Holy Land | Holy Lands | Jerusalem | Christian Quarter | Church of the Holy Sepulchre | Via Dolorosa | Stations of the Cross | Holy Sites

Via Dolorosa Station 14: The Tomb of Jesus Christ


One of many things that visitors to the Holy Land want to do is to walk along the path that Jesus followed on his way to the cross. In Jerusalem, the Via Dolorosa is home to what is known as the 14 stations of the cross. The first nine stations lead from the Lions Gate entrance into the walled city, and the final five are located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Jesus' tomb, the final station, is found in an ornate structure in the middle of the church's rotunda (usually with a long line of people wanting to get a closer look).

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Where have you seen the 14 stations of the cross?

Throughout our travels around the world, we've visited many churches that have the stations of the cross - either inside the church or in a surrounding yard. Depending on where you are, they range from simple crosses with numbers to more intricate pieces of art. I'm not sure that we'll be able to top walking along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem ending in the Church of Holy the Sepulchre.

Do you have any memories of seeing the stations of the cross?

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