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Hoover Dam is Truly Immense and Amazing

avatar   Scott

Posted On 09/17/2020 09:46:19

Hoover Dam | Las Vegas | Nevada | Boat Cruise | Guided Tour | Depression | Construction | History

Hoover Dam is Truly Immense and Amazing


While visiting Las Vegas, we didn't want to miss taking the drive to Hoover Dam. We are so glad that we joined a tour to see the dam and learn about the building process. It was fascinating to see the electric generators and hear about the construction techniques and challenges. It is truly incredible that such a large construction project was completed during the depression.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you seen the amazing Hoover Dam in person?

At the tail end of a 2017 combination flight and road trip which started in Spokane, Washington, we found ourselves in Las Vegas, Nevada. After spending several weeks visiting with family and friends and exploring 5 national parks, we decided to do something a little different!

Since neither of us had ever been, we drove to Hoover Dam. Seeing the dam from the many different viewpoints in the area was amazing. But, taking the tour to really learn about building the dam really put everything into perspective. Before heading back to Vegas, we also took a boat cruise which allowed us to see the dam from the lake. The entire day ended up being totally awesome.

What other structures like this one have you been absolutely amazed by?

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