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Great Statue of the Inca Warrior in the Cuzco Plaza de Armas

avatar   Scott

Posted On 04/04/2020 09:40:42

Cuzco | Cusco | Peru | Plaza de Armas | Inca Warrior Statue | Machu Picchu | Sacred Valley

Great Statue of the Inca Warrior in the Cuzco Plaza de Armas


On our way to the famous Machu Picchu, we stayed in Cuzco, Peru for a few days to adjust to the altitude. During our stay, we visited the city's famous Plaza de Armas. Today, a statue of an Incan Warrior stands atop a fountain in the middle of the plaza. Today's location was originally in the center of this pre-Columbian capital city that is shaped like a jaguar. It is truly amazing!

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What do you do when you get to a destination and it's raining?

Even if it's raining, you can enjoy exploring Cusco, Peru - just maybe with a umbrella! A walking tour plus some self-guided walks around central Cusco will give you a good introduction. There's plenty of overhangs that you can duck under if you need to get out of the rain for a bit!

Would you explore in the rain, or do you prefer to wait until it stops? #cuzco #cusco #PlazaDeArmas #CentralSquare #MachuPicchu #WordyExplorers

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