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Look Closely at the Mosaics for a Glimpse of the Past

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 12/28/2022 10:26:54

Israel | Middle East | Port of Ashdod | Holy Land | Jerusalem | Walking Tour | Jewish Quarter | Cardo | Mosaic | Roman History

Look Closely at the Mosaics for a Glimpse of the Past


The Cardo is one of the most visited areas in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem. What was a busy commercial area during the Roman times is now filled with tourists - today buying a combination of souvenirs and food. The beautiful mosaics adorning the walls tell some of the story of the merchants from years gone bye - a little different from what is commonly sold today.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Where have you seen beautiful mosaics during your travels?

There were so many interesting things to see during our day in Jerusalem. Of the city's four quarters, it felt like we spent most of our time in the Jewish Quarter. We strolled along a portion of what was the "Main Street" during the Roman times. Known as the Cardo, this area was (and still is) filled with a variety of vendors.

The mosaics (circa 2016) were an amazing addition to the Cardo as they are both beautiful and historical. A close look at the murals tells a part of the story of what lined the streets of yesteryear - a fabric store, stores that sell fruits and vegetables, livestock, spices, jewelry, glassware and even musical instruments.

Have you visited the walled city of Jerusalem?

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