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2000 Years Ago Gladiators Battled at Kourion Theater

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 12/21/2022 10:10:28

Cyprus | Limassol | Mediterranean Cruise | Kolossi Castle | Archaeology | Ancient Kourion | House of Eustolios | Kourion Theater | Greco-Roman | History | Gladiators

2000 Years Ago Gladiators Battled at Kourion Theater


It was a tsunami that brought the ancient city of Kourion, Cyprus to ruins. Today, visitors can walk through an archaeological site accompanied by a guide or on their own. The House of Eustolios, where you can see the remains of colorful mosaics and Roman baths, is in a covered section of the site. Located outdoors and very nearby is a fully restored Greco-Roman theater. Performances are still held today, but you can't help but imagine what it would have been like to watch gladiators battle thousands of years ago!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What do you like most and least about organized cruise ship tours?

What I like least is an easy question. Organized tours usually are large group tours which can make hearing the guide more difficult. Additionally, it seems that every time we join an organized tour, there are inconsiderate people who make the big group wait on them while they wander off somewhere. (Both happened on this tour!)

The reason that we do sometimes join ship tours is to be able to get someplace that we would like to see without having to worry about making it back to the ship on time. Our tour from the Port of Limassol in Cyprus gave us this opportunity. We wanted to see Ancient Kourion, however, based on what we read, it seemed like getting there and back may be difficult. The ship tour gave us a chance to tour the ancient city and spend a little time exploring the theater on our own ... plus take a quick photo of Kolossi Castle.

Do you ever join organized ship tours?

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Forget champagne and caviar - Taste the world instead!

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