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Walking along Bonaire's No Name Beach

avatar   Scott

Posted On 01/12/2021 09:27:33

Bonaire | Klein Bonaire | Little Bonaire | No Name Beach | Snorkeling | Blue Water | Boating | Aqua Fun Bonaire

Walking along Bonaire's No Name Beach


Getting to the small island of Klein Bonaire requires transportation by boat - making it an intriguing spot for visitors to the island of Bonaire. Also known as Little Bonaire, the small island is popular for snorkelers as well as those just interested in a relaxing day on No Name Beach. It's hard to resist the crystal clear waters and white sand!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you have a favorite Caribbean island?

Our 2019 Caribbean cruise brought us to Bonaire - a first visit to the island for the two of us. We joined a two-stop snorkel tour with Aqua Fun Bonaire. After finding a place to moor at our second stop, we hopped off the boat and swam/waded to the sands of No Name Beach. With fins, mask and snorkel in hand, we walked alongside the turquoise blue water to our starting point.

After reaching the place where we'd begin our snorkel, we swam a short distance until we crossed a wall of coral. From there, getting the distance back to the boat required much less effort than our walk - the water current did most of the work as we drifted alongside the wall.

Fun fact: The perfectly white sand deceives many people into thinking that the beach is man-made, however it's not.

What's your favorite Caribbean island?

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Notable Quote

The ocean is an object of no small terror. - Edmund Burke

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