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Modest in Size, Manarola is a Charming Cinque Terre Village

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 12/06/2022 10:02:21

Italy | Liguria | Ligurian Sea | Cinque Terre National Park | Cinque Terre | Manarola | San Lorenzo | Scenic Viewpoints | Vineyards | Hiking

Modest in Size, Manarola is a Charming Cinque Terre Village


Manarola, one of the two smallest villages in Italy's Cinque Terre region, is thought to be the oldest. Like its neighboring villages, Manarola is filled with houses of all colors sitting on terraced land overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Just like the village itself, the harbor is rather small but still a must see. Don't miss the many scenic points in Manarola, each a photographer's dream with unique views.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Which do you prefer to visit, smaller quaint towns or bigger cities with lots of action (and why)?

Manarola was the third of the five Cinque Terre villages that we recently explored. It's one of the smallest of the villages, and after our uphill / downhill hike to get there, being smaller was a very good thing.

Even after hiking between villages, we added some more steps with a stroll along the Manarola Vineyard Walk above the town. We explored the village streets and admired San Lorenzo church, built in the 14th century and thought to be the oldest in the area. After finding a number of points with great views of the village, cemetery and beach, we wrapped up our day with an early dinner before riding the train back to our hotel.

Are you a big city or small town person?

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