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Listening to the Local Marching Band in Dubrovnik

avatar   Scott

Posted On 07/29/2020 09:37:59

Dubrovnik | Croatia | Walled Cities | Marching Band | Historic Sites | Walking the Wall | Adriatic Sea

Listening to the Local Marching Band in Dubrovnik


On occasion, we have stumbled into awesome musical performances during our travels. One day in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we came upon a band marching along the main street. They marched up to the steps of the church in the main square across from the clock tower where they moved into formation. With its medieval walls, white stone buildings and red tile roofs, the city is awesome all by itself. With a uniformed marching band showing off, we had an even more beautiful and memorable sight.

     The Wordy Explorers

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When you travel, do you plan or take it as it comes?

We are typically planners - often too much so! We start researching a city that we will be visiting and find so much to do that there is no way to do it all in the time that we have. Every once in a while, we decide not to make a plan - usually on a return visit to a city. We did just that on our most recent stop in Dubrovnik. We love the great history of the walled city and knew that we would enjoy just exploring on our own. We lucked out with an enjoyable serenade! Listening to the booming drums and brass in the walled city was a perfect addition to our relaxing day.

What's your favorite unplanned vacation memory?

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Travel is still the most intense mode of learning. - Kevin Kelly

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