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Masada National Park: Amazing View and Interesting History

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/07/2023 10:07:06

Israel | Port of Ashdod | Judean Desert | Masada | Masada National Park | Dead Sea | Roman History | Archeology | UNESCO

Masada National Park: Amazing View and Interesting History


Masada National Park, an amazing fortress that is now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is located high up in Israel's Judaean Desert. It was built in this strategic location as a classical Roman palace by King Herod (Herod the Great) thirty years before the birth of Christ. The remains are thought to be the most complete and among the best preserved still standing today. Visitors to Masada can walk up a winding "snake path" or ride a cable car from the museum to the top of the mountain.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Where is the oldest archeological site that you have visited?

I never really thought about this question until our recent day of touring Masada National Park. The fortress is believed to have been built about 30 years BC. I'm thinking that most, if not all, of the archeological sites that we've previous visited were built in the years after the birth of Christ.

Even with its age, Masada is quite impressive. Lines painted on some walls within the fortress make it easy to see which areas were restored and which are original. In addition to the royal residence of King Herod, the complex had storerooms, a large bath house, watchtowers and so much more.

Have you explored any archaeological ruins that stood in the BC years?

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