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Entire Evening of Culture Mitai Maori Style

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 05/08/2023 10:43:27

New Zealand | Rotorua | Wai-o-Whiro Stream | Mitai Maori | Culture | Hangi | Dinner Buffet | Dinner Show | Glow Worms

Entire Evening of Culture Mitai Maori Style


Dedicate an evening in Rotorua, New Zealand to the Mitai Maori Cultural Experience and Dinner Buffet. After a welcome to the village from the "family", learn about the buffet style meal that will be served. A short walk to the forest and Wai-o-Whiro Stream allows you to see the "warriors" arrive by canoe before their cultural performance in the nearby theater. Following the performance, it's chow time plus your chance to get answers to your burning questions about the Maori culture. Before leaving, take a final walk through the forest to see the glow worms sparkling!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

How much do you know about the Maori culture?

Before our evening at the Mitai Maori Village in Rotorua, New Zealand, I'll admit that I knew very little. Between the introduction, explanations of the performance and cooking style and Q & A session, I'm much less in the dark. So glad that we spent our evening learning about this culture that is so important to New Zealand (and elsewhere)!

We are less than half way through our days in New Zealand, so make sure you are following to see where else our road trip will take us!

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