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Walking from Treetop to Treetop in a Cloud Forest

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 04/20/2020 08:56:51

Costa Rica | Puntarenas | Monteverde | Pacific Coast | Selvatura Park | Cloud Forest | Rain Forest

Walking from Treetop to Treetop in a Cloud Forest


At almost two miles in length, a walk along the eight bridges suspended from the tops of tall trees is unforgettable. Located in Monteverde, Costa Rica, Selvatura Park is the home to the longest walk through the clouds in the entire country. It's a great opportunity to see the unique plants and flowers that survive in the very moist conditions present in a cloud forest.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Would you walk through the Cloud Forest?

One of the many ways that we filled our week along Costa Rica's central Pacific Coast was on a treetop walk at Selvatura Park. Of our group of five traveling together, four of us chose this hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The lone holdout in our group spent her time in the butterfly garden which she thoroughly enjoyed as well! To read about more of what you can experience on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, don't miss our most recent blog post.

With a choice of the cloud walk, butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, insect museum, reptile/amphibian exhibit or zipline, which would you choose? . . #WordyExplorers #CostaRica #CostaRicaPuraVida #CostaRicaTravel #CostaRicaTraveler #puntarenas #PuntarenasCostaRica #Monteverde #MonteverdeCloudForest #MonteverdeCostaRica #RainForests #PuraVida #PuraVidaCostaRica #AdventureTravel #hiking #CouplesWhoTravel #TravelCouple #TravelCouples #TravelBlog #TravelBloggers

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