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All You Can Eat and More at Moderno Churrascaria

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 02/27/2022 10:15:49

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Dawn | Restaurants | Dinner | Specialty Dining | Moderno Churrascaria | Meat Eaters | Carnivores

All You Can Eat and More at Moderno Churrascaria


Meat lovers won't want to miss out on a meal at Moderno Churrascaria when onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. Dinner starts with a generous sized salad buffet (with plenty of non-salad selections). The real meal is unlimited portions of meats (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausage and more) plus several side dishes. Just like at shoreside Brazilian steakhouses, diners who place a green card atop their table are alerting the servers to bring on the meat!

     The Wordy Explorers

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What is your favorite entree?

One of the things that we enjoy about sailing with NCL is the variety of restaurants that are included with their specialty dining package (plus the bonus meals that we get due to our loyalty level). With 11 nights on board, we don't even have enough dinners to eat in every restaurant at least once!

We enjoyed an awesome meal last night at Moderno Churrascaria aboard the Norwegian Dawn. It's just like any traditional Brazilian steakhouse on land ... and just as filling too!

Are you a meat lover?

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Notable Quote

The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use. - Dom Degnon

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