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Examining Artifacts Recovered From Oak Island Treasure Hunts

avatar   Scott

Posted On 08/02/2020 09:15:29

Halifax | Nova Scotia | Canada | Oak Island | Treasure Hunt | Interpretive Center | Mysteries | Knights Templar

Examining Artifacts Recovered From Oak Island Treasure Hunts


Our trip to Nova Scotia was not complete without a stop to the Oak Island Interpretive Center to examine the many artifacts that have been recovered during the various digs. There have been many interesting things found on Oak Island that definitely make you wonder, "how did that get here"? And ... hmm ... that was long before Columbus!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you heard of Oak Island?

Although our first attempt at getting to Oak Island was cancelled last year due to a hurricane, we did make it there on our second attempt! We docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia and immediately picked up a rental car. We drove for about an hour to reach the dock where we met the captain and boat that would take us around the island. After hearing all kinds of stories about the search, we were on our own and headed to the Interpretive Center. Although it's still quite small, it was our first hand investigation into the Oak Island mystery!

Is a visit to the Oak Island Interpretive Center something that interests you?

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