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Our "Circle Can't Be Broken" Experience at Grand Ole Opry

avatar   Scott

Posted On 07/18/2020 08:45:55

Nashville | Tennessee | Grand Ole Opry | Live Performances | Circle Never Broken | Country Music Greats | Members of the Grand Ole Opry

Our "Circle Can't Be Broken" Experience at Grand Ole Opry


Our visit to the Grand Ole Opry was tremendous. The famous circle from the old stage at the flooded Ryman Auditorium was transplanted into the stage at the new theater. We enjoyed our backstage tour and also a live performance in the theater. It was there that we learned about the famous saying and motto, "the circle can't be broken". So many great singers have stood on this very spot and many more future greats will stand here as well. (You can listen to live performances from this spot on Willie's Roadhouse on SiriusXM or by live steaming from opry.com.)

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Have you changed any of your habits after traveling to a certain place?

We have definitely started listening to more country music after spending time in Nashville, Tennessee. After touring the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry and the Historic RCA Studio B, we must have gotten bit by the country music bug! Learning the history of the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry House put it all together. It's fun to see "the circle" today in various media forms - especially since we were there!

What habit have you changed after traveling to a destination?

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