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Pompeii has Developed Roads, Sidewalks and Water Systems!

avatar   Scott

Posted On 08/25/2020 08:59:45

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Pompeii has Developed Roads, Sidewalks and Water Systems!


Pompeii is a seaside city near Rome that was covered over by a volcano in the first century AD. One our visit, we saw evidence of a very orderly city made of stone that was actually quite sophisticated. The city has roads, gutters, crosswalks, sidewalks and even flowing water systems like drinking fountains, animal troughs and fountains. There are many civic sites like sports arenas, theaters and markets.

     The Wordy Explorers

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What are your favorite ancient cities to explore?

We loved the day that we spent exploring Pompeii on our own. There are many famous sites in the front of "the city", but it takes lots of time to explore to the sites further back. Pompeii is such an interesting city as it almost seems like it could be remodeled with roofs and electricity to become a very comfortable and exciting city to live in today.

What ancient cities rank among your favorites?

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