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It's a Micronation!: The Principality of Pontinha

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/06/2023 10:35:53

Portugal | Madeira | Funchal | Pontinha | Principality of Pontinha | Micronation | Fortress | Smallest Nation in World

It's a Micronation!: The Principality of Pontinha


Just a short walk away from the Port of Funchal on the island of Madeira is a small islet that resembles a fortress. In the year 2000, Renato de Barros purchased the islet from a British family who had owned the property for the previous 97 years. It is said that they were granted "possession" and "dominion" of the land. After his purchase, Barros declared independence from Portugal and named himself Prince Renato II of Pontinha.

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What is the smallest country you have ever traveled to?

Several years ago during our port day in Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), we made a stop at the "micronation" of Pontinha. Although we got our passports stamped, the country of Portugal had not officially recognized Pontinha's Declaration of Independence (so maybe we were still in Portugal!). At the time of our visit, the population was 4 - all one family.

Walking past Pontinha during our port day this past November brought back memories of our prior visit. Unfortunately the "islet" was closed to visitors so we couldn't find out any updates on the status!

Have you visited any tiny countries?

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