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Portuguese Sidewalks in Rio de Janeiro

avatar   Scott

Posted On 10/03/2020 09:34:58

Rio de Janeiro | Brazil | Carnival Parade | City Tour | calçada | Beach Sidewalks | Portuguese Sidewalks

Portuguese Sidewalks in Rio de Janeiro


While touring Rio de Janeiro, we admired the beautiful sidewalks known as Portuguese Sidewalks or calçada. Although located primarily in the area of the world famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, they can be found in other places as well. The mosaic sidewalks are made of light and dark colored tiles placed to form various wavy patterns.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you recognize these great sidewalks?

Before a temporary halt was placed on cruises, we had the chance to cruise along the coast of Brazil. We were lucky that the schedule of our cruise was during one of the biggest weekend celebrations of Carnival in 2018. In addition to being spectators at some of the grandest parades, we got to tour some of the city's popular sites. Like most people, we had heard of Copacabana Beach, but can now say that we have been there - and seen the awesome sidewalks in the area.

What Rio de Janeiro experiences left the biggest impact on you?

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I don't know who named them swells. There's nothing swell about them. They should have named them awfuls. - Hugo Vihlen

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