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Fiesta on the Puerta Vallarta Malecon

avatar   Scott

Posted On 06/14/2020 09:20:37

Cruises | Puerta Vallarta | Mexico | Malecon | Plaza de Armas | Art | Old Town | People Watching | Virtual Travel

Fiesta on the Puerta Vallarta Malecon


We truly enjoyed our stroll along Puerto Vallarta's Malecon. The "esplanade along the waterfront" has so many different sculptures and pieces of artwork that we couldn't wait to see what was next. One of our favorite sculptures, "Bailarines de Vallarta", demonstrates the festive culture that is unique to the country of Mexico.

     The Wordy Explorers

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If you have a choice of swimming in the ocean or strolling along the waterfront, which would you choose?

During our port day in Puerto Vallarta, we had planned to have lunch with a former work associate, so we decided to just enjoy the day seeing the sites of the city. The Malecon was perfect for a long stroll while we tried to digest all of the wonderful food that we ate! There were plenty of attractions that peaked our interest along the walk. The sculptures, wonderful sunset views, culture and people watching make it a place to visit more than once!

Would you rather have been in the water or exploring the sites along the Malecon? . . . . #WordyExplorers #malecon #PuertoVallarta #sculptures

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Notable Quote

I need the Sea because it teaches me. - Pablo Neruda

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