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Tremendous View Overlooking the Ocean in Puerto Rico

avatar   Scott

Posted On 12/12/2020 09:31:29

Road Trips | Faro Punta Higüeras | Puerto Rico | Lighthouse | Surfers | Beach Overlook

Tremendous View Overlooking the Ocean in Puerto Rico


Rincon, Puerto Rico is home to the Faro Punta Higüeras. A park and overlook surrounding the lighthouse are perfect for photographing the sunset, the surfers below and, for those visiting during the first three months of the year, even whales!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Have you ever driven around the perimeter of Puerto Rico?

We had an awesome vacation in December 2016 when we spent several days in Old Town San Juan before heading out on a road trip around the island. One of our favorite spots was in Rincon where we could watch the surfers below the cliff at the northwest point of Puerto Rico. The location was also where Faro Punta Higüeras (a lighthouse) was located. Taking photos of the lighthouse was enjoyable, but the views and photographs from the overlook were even better.

What are your favorite spots on the island of Puerto Rico?

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