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Red-Crested Cardinals on Beaches of Kauai

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 10/18/2022 10:52:58

Hawaii | Kauai | Hanalei | Hanalei Beach | Red-Crested Cardinal | Beaches of Kauai | Cardinals | Birds | Bird Watching

Red-Crested Cardinals on Beaches of Kauai


A visit to Hanalei Beach likely also means an encounter with red-crested cardinals. The water at the beach is so refreshing and this cardinal who now calls many of the Hawaiian islands as its second home is originally from South America. Also known as the Brazilian Cardinal, differences from the more well known cardinal include their grey wings and white underbelly.

     The Wordy Explorers

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What unique birds have you recently seen?

On our first full day on the island of Kauai, we visited two different beaches - Pu'u Poa Beach and Hanalei Beach. Although these two beaches were starkly different from one another, they each had their own unique charm. We did enjoy the water at Hanalei, but also had fun watching the beautiful red-crested cardinals hop (and fly) around us.

Do you have any favorite birds?

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