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Cultural Performances: A Great Experience in Rotorua!

avatar   Scott

Posted On 09/30/2020 09:23:07

New Zealand | Rotorua | Te Puia | Matariki | Exploring | Tours of New Zealand | Pohutu Geyser

Cultural Performances: A Great Experience in Rotorua!


While visiting New Zealand, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Te Puia in Rotorua. It was there that we saw the Matariki Cultural Performance which included Hangi and Maori dance. We thoroughly enjoy the Polynesian shows and the music. While in the cultural village park, we also saw the geyser and other thermal features as well as some native village demonstrations. Although the main attraction was the performance, our entire visit was quite enjoyable!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you enjoy seeing cultural performances when visiting a distant land?

During our cruise around the North and South Islands of New Zealand in 2017, we joined Zealandier Tours for a day of exploring from the Port of Rotorua. After touring some of the geothermal sites in the area, we enjoyed our stop at Te Puia. The traditional cultural performance included storytelling through song, dance and games. We sometimes feel that performances like this are too touristy, but we really enjoyed our day!

Where have you attended a cultural performance that you thought was really well done?

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