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3 in 1!: Church of San Pietro, Loggia and Spallanzani Square

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 02/09/2023 10:41:12

Italy | La Spezia | Portovenere | Porto Venere | Spallanzani Square | Chiesa di San Pietro | Saint Peter's Church | Loggia of San Pietro | Architecture

3 in 1!: Church of San Pietro, Loggia and Spallanzani Square


In the Italian village of Porto Venere, you'll find the biggest crowds at the historic Chiesa di San Pietro. The church stands on the rocky point at the village's south end. In addition to wandering around both the inside and outside of the church, you'll be able to take in the view (and snap some photos) at the popular Loggia di San Pietro. Spallanzani Square, Byron's Cove, the Ligurian Sea and the Bay of Poets are also within site from this far end of the village.

     The Wordy Explorers

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It wasn't just the loggia (arches) that we enjoyed while in Porto Venere! We could have spent so much more time on the southern end of the village exploring the church, wandering around the square, enjoying Byron's Grotto and just taking in the views of the Ligurian Sea and Bay of Poets.

It's no surprise that the church and surrounding area is popular for weddings and other special events!

Do you have some favorite insta-worthy sites?

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