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Impressive Sea Snake at Maui's Turtle Town

avatar   Scott

Posted On 10/04/2020 09:18:40

Maluaka Beach | Turtle Town | Maui | Hawaii | Relaxing for the Day | Snorkeling | Swimming | Sea Turtles

Impressive Sea Snake at Maui's Turtle Town


One of our favorite places to snorkel on the island of Maui is called Turtle Town. There's definitely turtles there, but that's not all! Check out what we believe to be a Hydrophis Major Sea Snake that we saw there. It made for a pretty cool photo, but I understand that they are poisonous!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you enjoy snorkeling?

Whenever we get to spend time on the islands of Hawaii, we always take our snorkel gear. We have some favorite places to go (like Maui's Turtle Town), but usually explore new places as well. On our visits in both 2018 and 2019, we again headed to Turtle Town. While admiring the turtles, we also saw this sea snake. Wow!

Where have you seen the coolest underwater life?

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