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Swimming with the Sharks in Bora Bora

avatar   Scott

Posted On 06/11/2020 08:56:22

Cruises | Bora Bora | Tahiti | French Polynesia | Best Snorkelling Ever | Sharks | Swimming | Underwater Photography

Swimming with the Sharks in Bora Bora


Can you believe that I actually took this picture of all of these sharks myself with an underwater camera? Wow! On a snorkeling stop in Bora Bora we swam near and had a great view of these and many more sharks. The guides assured us that it was okay ... and everyone else was in the water!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Would you swim with sharks nearby?

One of our most memorable excursions ever was an all day long snorkeling trip in Bora Bora. We saw some amazing sea life - octopus, stingrays, eels and even sharks. When we got to the place where we could snorkel with sharks, our first thought was to pass on getting in the water and just watch. But, once everyone else was in the water, we finally decided to join in. It was an awesome experience, but we're still not sure if we would do it again! We are very glad that we have the photo evidence though!

Would you swim with sharks?

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