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Bermuda Snorkeling for Cruise Ship Passengers

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 08/31/2023 10:22:34

Bermuda | Cruise Port | Kings Wharf | Royal Naval Dockyard | Snorkel Park Beach Club | Snorkel | Beach Break

Bermuda Snorkeling for Cruise Ship Passengers


While it's not from every port that passengers can actually walk to a snorkeling spot, you can in Bermuda! Snorkel Park Beach Club is a short stroll from the Royal Naval Dockyard cruise port. For a $15.00 per person entrance fee, the beach club offers an easy way for visitors to get a taste of the sand, water and undersea life for which Bermuda is famous. Beach chairs (with or without umbrellas), kayaks, mask and snorkel sets and more are available for rent. There's a beachside bar and restaurant (and even an adults only night club on select evenings).

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

The weather was less than perfect but we walked from our cruise ship over to the Snorkel Park Beach Club. We were prepared with our own snorkel gear, and since we only had a few morning hours to fill, we just paid the entrance fee and chose not to rent beach chairs with umbrellas. We found a spot near the perimeter rock wall where we could set up our towels before heading out to the water to see what we could see.

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Notable Quote

The sea finds out everything you did wrong. - Francis Stokes

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