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How the Landscape Changed 900 Years After Eruption

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 02/29/2024 09:59:27

Arizona | Flagstaff | Coconino National Forest | Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument | National Park Service | Volcano | Hiking | Scenic Overlook | Lava |

How the Landscape Changed 900 Years After Eruption


Whether you choose to hike or drive through Arizona's Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, you'll get a glimpse at how the landscape changed after Arizona's most recent volcanic eruption. It was over 900 years ago (in the year 1085), when the volcano erupted forever changing this area of Flagstaff. More recent changes to the landscape occurred in 2022 when fire engulfed parts of the Coconino National Forest.

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Since we were nearby, we made a quick visit to another Flagstaff, Arizona national monument! Sunset Crater Volcano erupted nearly 1,000 years ago and the landscape was changed forever. Sadly, a 2022 fire caused even more changes. Although we didn't have time to complete a long hike, we did make some roadside photo stops and take a stroll along the paved Bonita Vista Trail.

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