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Here an Elephant, There an Elephant, Elephants Everywhere!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 11/28/2023 10:55:56

Tanzania | Arusha | Manyara | Tarangire National Park | Little Serengeti | Safari | Game Drive | Elephant | Elephants | Maasai Wanderings

Here an Elephant, There an Elephant, Elephants Everywhere!


Of all the wildlife at Tarangire National Park, it's the elephants that the lesser visited park is best known for. Each year from June to October (the dry months), big herds of these big animals make make their way from the Manyara Region to the national park where they can find fresh water. With a growing elephant population that numbers as many as 4,000 today, Tarangire is said to have "the largest concentration of elephants in the world"!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Best known for its resident elephants, we loved watching the families during our final morning game drive with Maasai Wanderings in Tanzania.

Fun elephant facts: At birth, a baby elephant (called a calf) weighs approximately 200 - 250 pounds and "stands" three feet tall. Well, it may be 20 minutes or so before they actually stand, but most are starting to walk within about an hour of their birth!

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