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Yeomen Warders Guarding the Tower of London

avatar   Scott

Posted On 02/15/2021 09:13:34

United Kingdom | England | London | Tower of London |

Yeomen Warders Guarding the Tower of London


One of the biggest tourist attractions in the world (and certainly in England) is the Tower of London. Before being primarily a place for tourists, the royal family, some royal possessions and even prisoners stayed in the tower. The Yeomen Warders, more popularly known as the Beefeaters, guarded the tower then and still guard the tower today.

     The Wordy Explorers

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When returning to a city, do you ever make repeat visits to destinations within the city?

Our most recent visit to London was in 2016 following a cruise around the British Isles. Although we had been there previously, we made a return trip to the Tower of London. It seems that we often learn new things each time we return to a place, so it can definitely be worth our time.

It was interesting to learn a little about the Beefeaters (more formally known as Yeoman Warders). I had no idea that today, the Beefeaters that guests see during their visit actually live with their families in the Tower of London. Prior to being hired, there are some very specific requirements including a minimum of 22 years of service in the Armed Forces.

Fun fact: It is said that the name Beefeater came during the reign of Henry VII. He apparently allowed the guards to eat an unlimited amount of beef!

What destinations would you like to make a return visit to?

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Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret. - Oscar Wilde

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