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Time Passes by Quickly in Valencia's City Center

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 02/19/2023 10:26:22

Spain | Valencia | Architecture | Town Hall | City Hall | Clock Tower | Walking Tour | Gothic | Baroque | Modern

Time Passes by Quickly in Valencia's City Center


Howdy from Valencia!

Any visitor to the Spanish city of Valencia should plan on devoting time to walk about and enjoy the amazing architecture which ranges from gothic to modern. Construction began on the Valencia City Hall building in the early 20th century. Following an expansion, city hall now spans two city blocks. With a tall clock tower in the center, the design of the building is just one of many unique buildings to seek out.

     The Wordy Explorers

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What is your favorite city in Spain?

We haven't spent enough time in Spain, but we are already planning a trip for 2024! Our one day (and our first time) in Valencia just moved the city high on our Spain favorites list. Although one day was not long enough, it was plenty for us to know we have to return. We fell in love with the architecture in the central business area ... and there was so much more for us to see.

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Do you have a favorite city in Spain?

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