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Get an Adrenaline Rush Over Zambezi River

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/21/2024 10:40:04

Zimbabwe | Zambia | No Man's Land | Victoria Falls | Victoria Falls Bridge | Bungee | Victoria Falls Bungee Jumping | Adventure Travel | Adrenaline Rush

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The Victoria Falls Bridge spans the Zambezi River between Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia. The bridge is located in what is called "No Man's Land" or the "Zim-Zam Border". It's not just cars that use the bridge - pedestrians can walk across the bridge. Adventure travelers who are hoping for an adrenaline rush can even "dive" over the river while tethered to a bungee cord!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What is the most adventurous or daring activity that you have done when traveling?

We aren't the most adventurous travelers, but we do enjoy watching others check off their bucket list items!

Would you bungee jump over the Zambezi River from the Victoria Falls Bridge?

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