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From Pool to Pool at the Wairakei Terraces

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 05/02/2023 10:33:34

New Zealand | Wairakei Geothermal Valley | Taupo | Geothermal Water | Hot Springs | Wairakei Terraces | Geothermal Bathing | Silica

From Pool to Pool at the Wairakei Terraces


Soaking in mineral rich geothermal waters is said to have many healing benefits. Minerals in the waters at Wairakei Terraces include calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, magnesium, potassium, silica, sodium and sulfate. Water flows into the terraced pools from a geyser in the Wairakei geothermal valley. Bathers can choose from four different pools, each one warmer than the last. Try one or try all four until you find the perfect warm (or hot) water temperature!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

What thermal pools/hot springs have you enjoyed while traveling?

We both love soaking in hot thermal waters and we seek them out whenever we can. Because of New Zealand's geothermal landscape, we have reservations at several thermal pools on the north island. Before leaving Taupo, we stopped at the first on our list - Wairakei Terraces.

We started off with the self guided terrace walk, but as soon as we caught a glimpse of the thermal waters, we sped up the walk so that we could spend most of our time soaking. Next time we are in this area, we'll carve out at least a half day for relaxing at Wairakei Terraces!

Make sure you are following us so you don't miss our upcoming stops at thermal pools and more on New Zealand's north island!

Do you have a favorite hot spring?

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