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Wild Sloth Hangin' at Manuel Antonio National Park

avatar   Scott

Posted On 02/25/2021 09:19:32

Costa Rica | Quepos | Pacific Coast | Manuel Antonio National Park | Guided Tours | Beaches | Wildlife | Sloths |

Wild Sloth Hangin' at Manuel Antonio National Park


Although Manuel Antonio National Park is Costa Rica's smallest national park, its natural beauty and diversity rivals almost any park in the world. Where have you found a rain forest, beach and coral reef all within the confines of the same national park? While hiking through the rainforest, the luckiest of visitors will spot crabs, iguanas, sloths, toucans, monkeys and so much more! The trail is easy to follow and there are numerous places with unbeatable views. On a clear day, the beaches are said to be some of Costa Rica's most beautiful . . . and with good snorkeling as well.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Have you taken a tour in a national park outside of your home country?

When in Costa Rica in the summer of 2018, we hired a private guide to take us on a tour in Manuel Antonio National Park. Both the guide and his scope definitely enhanced our visit. The guide's experience at spotting amazing wildlife and his expertise at recognizing birds, monkeys or sloths helped us to see much more than if we toured on our own.

The "icing on the tour cake" was that our guide shared his telescope with each of us. This was invaluable with both seeing the impressive wildlife as well as shooting some up-close photos! I never would have seen this sloth on my own - much less getting a pretty good photo!

What parks have you toured where a guide truly made your visit better?

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Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going. - Paul Theroux

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