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Strange Technology Exhibits in Ollantaytambo Peru

avatar   Scott

Posted On 01/01/2021 08:48:47

Peru | Ollantaytambo | Sacred Valley | Machu Picchu | Fortaleza de Ollantaytambo | Ollantaytambo Ruins

Strange Technology Exhibits in Ollantaytambo Peru


Fortaleza de Ollantaytambo is an Inca creation located at the northwestern end of Peru's Sacred Valley. Also known as the Ollantaytambo Ruins, the site has exhibits of some of the truly amazing technology of the ancient peoples. These so-called stone age people (who arrived even before the Spaniards visited the area) were able to carve interior right angles in stone. They then fit the stones so precisely that many refer to their work as "alien technology".

     The Wordy Explorers

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Do you prefer self-guided tours or tours led by tour guides?

We tend to do a combination - when we were in Peru, we took guided tours in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. Since we had limited time before boarding the train to Aquas Calientes, we explored the Ollantaytambo Ruins on our own.

In just over an hour, we hiked up stone steps and along the gravel paths after entering the site through the Manya Raqui square. The agricultural terraces were quite tall - each required more than ten uneven stair steps to move from one to the next. The ruins are considered a masterpiece of Inca architecture and were an administrative, agricultural, military and religious complex.

We all pondered how the ancient peoples could have moved these huge stones from several miles away without the tools and technology available today. It was interesting to see the small protrusions used to prevent ropes from slipping when moving the stones.

If you traveled to Peru, would you hire a guide or explore on your own?

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