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Angel Island Civil War Era Fort Protects San Francisco Bay

avatar   Scott

Posted On 11/13/2020 08:49:48

Ferry Boat | San Francisco Bay | California | Angel Island | Civil War Museum | Scenic Views | Hiking | Camp Reynolds

Angel Island Civil War Era Fort Protects San Francisco Bay


A short ferry ride from San Francisco takes you to Angel Island. The island is home to Angel Island State Park and Camp Reynolds. Camp Reynolds began as a Civil War era fort which provided security for the northern parts of San Francisco Bay. After the war, the camp was converted to an infantry camp complete with nearly all that a community needs - a bakery, chapel, trading post and more.

     The Wordy Explorers

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What's your favorite place to visit when in San Francisco?

With family living in the city, we have visited quite frequently. During our summer trip in 2018, we rode the ferry to Angel Island. We spent the day hiking in Angel Island State Park and touring the West Garrison (Camp Reynolds).

We exceeded our daily step goal while hiking on the really nice walking path around the island. It's also fun to just sit on the dock at Camp Reynolds and enjoy the bay view.

What's your favorite day trip from San Francisco?

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