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--- Postcard From The Wordy Explorers ---

Surprising History at the Bacardi Factory in San Juan

avatar   Scott

Posted On 02/26/2020 09:34:11

Bacardi | San Juan | Puerto Rico | Best Rum | Bats in the Past | The Barcardi Barn | Best Rum in the World

Surprising History at the Bacardi Factory in San Juan


San Juan is filled with many surprising historical locations, and a tour of Casa Bacardi across the bay from Old Town is a great place to start. It was fascinating to see and also to hear about how the family moved from Cuba to Puerto Rico and became the best rum in the world.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Hear the amazing history of the Bacardi family and their rum which is world famous. Our first visit to Casa Bacardi was so good we returned several years later. We really enjoyed sampling their best products! #rum #BacardiAndCoke #SanJuan #PuertoRico #WordyExplorers

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Notable Quote

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. - Izaak Walton

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