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Churros and Chocolate: A Long Standing Malaga Tradition

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 03/02/2023 10:46:19

Spain | Malaga | Casa Aranda | Cafe | Churros | Chocolate | Coffee | Breakfast | Dessert | Late Night | Snack | Tradition

Churros and Chocolate: A Long Standing Malaga Tradition


Casa Aranda has been serving churros and chocolate (and coffee) to both locals and tourists in the Spanish city of Malaga for over 90 years. With both indoor and outdoor cafe-style seating, there's more to the menu than this tasty treat (and no matter what you choose, every menu item is reasonably priced.) The eatery is most popular for breakfast, but you'll find people enjoying churros during every open hour!

     The Wordy Explorers

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What highly recommended "treats" have you tried while traveling?

Before leaving home, we had read about the churros and chocolate served at Casa Aranda, and knew that our day in Malaga would be incomplete without a sample. (We can never pass up a highly recommended sweet treat!)

The churros are served hot, and so is the chocolate. Did we mention chocolate ... hot chocolate? It's not your typical hot chocolate - it is super thick hot chocolate that is perfect for dunking! You can't beat the churro and chocolate combination.

What treats have you enjoyed during your travels around the world?

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