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The View from City View Resto Cafe Can't Be Beat!

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 12/27/2022 10:32:40

Israel | Haifa | Jerusalem | Private Tour | City View Resto Cafe | Restaurant | Viewpoint | Scenic View | Cruise Critic | Mount of Olives

The View from City View Resto Cafe Can't Be Beat!


There is no doubt that the view from City View Resto Cafe is among the best in the city of Jerusalem. With both indoor and outdoor seating, plus a viewpoint outside of the restaurant, it's understandable why the establishment is a stop on many tours. It's the perfect place for an orientation at the start of a tour of the area. The one downside is the "touristy" prices on the menu!

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What memorable viewpoint or scenic overlook have you recently made a stop at?

Our second port of call was Ashdod, Israel - the port city for those wanting to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem. (For many, it was this port and the port of Haifa that were big reasons for choosing this Odyssey of the Seas itinerary.)

We joined a small group with six other passengers for an all day tour to visit these two historical cities. We started our day with a stop at City View Resto Cafe for photos and a morning snack. The views of the Mount of Olives and City of Jerusalem were amazing, and our brownie and cappuccinos were good too (but definitely not worth the $22.97 price tag)!

Do you seek out scenic viewpoints?

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