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Buck Owens' Guitar On Display at Country Music Hall of Fame

avatar   Scott

Posted On 05/26/2020 09:34:46

Destinations | Country Music Hall of Fame | Nashville | Tennessee | Hee Haw | Country Artists | What to See in Tennessee

Buck Owens' Guitar On Display at Country Music Hall of Fame


We were totally impressed with the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in Nashville. We are not huge country music fans, but there are so many memories on display which made us realize how much we knew about and liked country music. Among the many artifacts on display was the famous red, white and blue guitar that Buck Owens played on Hee Haw. Both of our families loved the show ... what a childhood memory!

     The Wordy Explorers

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Are you a fan of country music?

If asked to share our favorite genre of music, admittedly neither of us would answer with "country music". With that being said, we both loved exploring Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. Looking through the many displays made us realize that we should listen to more country music - we really do like it! One of our best memories from the museum was the Hee Haw exhibit where the red white blue guitar was a standout. We also enjoyed the "Austin, Texas" exhibit where we learned more about the country music scene in our home town!

What is your favorite genre of music? . . . . #HeeHaw #CountryMusic #CountryMusicHallOfFame #BuchOwens #tennessee #nashville #ExploreNashville #WordyExplorers

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