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Meet the Cape Fur Seals of Hout Bay

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/28/2024 10:33:33

South Africa | Cape Town | Western Cape | Hout Bay | Hout Bay Harbor | Hout Bay Beach | Fishing Harbor | Cape Fur Seals | Seals | Duiker Island | Seal Island

Meet the Cape Fur Seals of Hout Bay


The seaside neighborhood of Hout Bay is home to one of Cape Town's busy fishing harbors. You'll find lots to do during your visit to Hout Bay - there's a beach, restaurants, a craft market, day excursions for fishing and more plus a variety of sea life including the popular Cape Fur Seeals. If you don't get enough of the seals during your visit to Hout Bay, take a boat ride to Seal Island (Duiker Island) where you'll encounter even more of the Cape Fur Seals!

     The Wordy Explorers

Social Media Description

Watching the Cape Fur Seals was my favorite part of the short stop that we made at Cape Town's Hout Bay. I had hoped to take a boat ride to Seal Island as promoted in the tour itinerary, however the guide announced that he would only allow the time needed if the majority wanted to do the boat ride. Unfortunately, we were in the minority!

Fun fact: Duiker Island (Seal Island) is home to more than five thousand seals. There are even snorkeling excursions available - imagine snorkeling with the seals!

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