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Malaga Must: Stroll Through Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 02/27/2023 10:38:33

Spain | Malaga | Cruise | Jardin de Pedro Luis Alonso | Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens | Garden | Gardens | Sightseeing

Malaga Must: Stroll Through Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens


Anyone walking into Malaga after arriving via cruise ship will pass by Jardin de Pedro Luis Alonso. The garden, named after the first mayor of Malaga following World War II, is beautifully landscaped. Either before or after exploring the historic quarter, don't miss strolling through the park where you'll find a variety of flowers, bushes and trees. Colorful ceramic tiles, fountains and a reflection pool make for appealing additions to the park.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Of the gardens that you've visited, which do you most often recommend to others?

During our port day in Malaga, we enjoyed strolling through Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens. It is said that there are upwards of 75 different rose varieties that bloom throughout the year. Of course, spring is the best season for anyone wanting to see (and smell) the biggest assortment of roses. But, even during our fall visit, there were roses in bloom.

Do you enjoy strolling through blooming gardens?

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