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Is Taking the Cheapest Transportation Worth It?

avatar   Stacy

Posted On 01/13/2022 09:51:46

Florida | Miami | Miami Cruise Port | Miami Brickell Metrorail Station | Port of Miami | Miami Trolley | Tri-Rail | Public Transit

Is Taking the Cheapest Transportation Worth It?


For those that choose to fly to Fort Lauderdale, it's actually possible to get to the Miami Cruise Port via public transit! It's definitely the least expensive way to get there - but it's certainly not for everyone. In addition to some walking, it requires three modes of transportation - Tri-Rail, Metrorail and Trolley.

     The Wordy Explorers

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Where have you tried to save money but wondered if it was worth it?

After disembarking the cruise ship, we had some time and decided to try out public transit to get us from the Port of Miami to the Fort Lauderdale Airport area. (That's where our RV was parked and waiting for us.)

It was definitely an adventure - one that I'm not sure we will ever embark on again! After dragging our suitcases for a fairly long distance at the port, we got to the Miami Trolley stop. A short ride on the trolley (with some others who were doing the same thing) brought us to the Miami Brickell MetroRail. Another ride to another station (and another ticket purchase for the Tri-Rail) and we were finally almost there.

Have you ever tried to save money and later wondered if it was worth the extra effort?

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